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I’m working as Software Engineer.

I will help you build your software and grow your business. I create clarifying strategy, beautiful logo and identity design, engaging websites and software.
- Software Engineer - UX/UI Design - Developers - Manager
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grow your business.

Whether you are working on a new startup or have an existing product, I'd love the opportunity to help you and your team solve your most challenging problems.
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I specialize in helping early stage startups validate their riskiest assumptions using leading design methods.
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University of Studies, FASTA
Jan 2002 - Dec 2010
As a software engineer, I see new technologies, tools, frameworks, and techniques released daily. It's hard to keep up. Even harder is to decide what to use in a given context. Much of what's published on the Web emphasizes (and sometimes even inflates) the benefits only. I learned fundamentals of software design that still today help me see the technology landscape with clarity. I learned to ask 'Why', seeing benefits but always pondering about the risks and challenges involved in software project decisions.


We have more than 10 years of experience in software development
We continue to grow together
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Graphic Design.
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wandra design awards
For Best UX/UI Design App
Inovative ideas design Awards
For Most Loved Illustration
creative Design awards
For Best UX/UI Project Design

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